Marketing Majik has been established knowing that there are many small to medium businesses which are in need of expertise in marketing their business. It is our aim to give cost effective innovative solutions so that businesses we work with get exposure to the right customer so that sales will increase.

We do this in the following ways:

1) Monthly Marketing and business coaching meetings. One to One or on Skype.

2) Developing ongoing targeted marketing methods.

3) Smartphone Appointment Maker (for service industries e.g. Philologist, Osteopaths, Dentists, Hairdressers, Beauticians etc)

4) Smartphone/Desk Top E commerce sites (for retail, wholesalers etc.)

5) Search Engine Optimization.

6) Social Media Marketing

7) Internal/External Marketing of your premises

Graham White the principle of Marketing Majik has developed systems and methods to enable small to medium business to access consumers and businesses that would be interested in their products and services, in other words a targeted marketing system. Graham has been directly involved with the retail, wholesale and manufacturing trades in textiles, fashion, software, beverages, cosmetic etc. He started his career at Harrods in London as a trainee buyer and from then on has been involved in various industries in England and Australia.

He has direct experience in setting up and running a top end retail boutique in the city of Sydney which successfully traded for over 16 years. As General Manager of an import and wholesale company of better end garments including knitwear, lingerie, fashion hosiery, and swimwear for women and knitwear, hosiery, footwear, suits for men he increased the company's turnover by 600% in 5 years.

As a Sales and Operations Manager of a women's fashion and accessory manufacturer, and wholesale importer he was responsible for sourcing, manufacturing and importing garments and accessories in Asia, perfumes and skincare from the US and Europe, and developing sales and marketing strategies. As a partner in a Textile Agents and Export brokerage he had personal sales of 3.5 million dollars per annum, and developed relationships with textile mills in Asia, Europe, and the US. Graham has been involved in export of beverages to the US from England and Australia, sales manager for a software company specialising in design, automation and factory management is also a published author of business articles in Trade Magazines.

To summarize Graham's business experience includes retail, wholesale, manufacturing, importing, and exporting with accomplishments in sales, sales management, & marketing. He has grown businesses from small to medium-sized operations and has skills in product development, buying, exporting, importing, sourcing, sales training and personal development.

Graham has learned and knows that every business is different-as is every business owner-and that every business moves through distinct states of growth. It is important to tailor individualized marketing solutions which are cost effective and most of all affordable.